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WF McCoy van Life is challenging enough without having to worry about your heat and heating equipment. W.F. McCoy gives customers peace of mind by providing comprehensive service, including expert preventive maintenance, equipment upgrades, and the assurance of 24-hour emergency service. Our service contracts cover all maintenance needs while also shielding customer from repair costs.

Preventive Maintenance

Like a car, a heating system needs regular tune-ups. Maintenance helps prevent the onset of serious problems that could lead to a "no heat" call or an expensive repair. Regular care also promotes efficient operation.

A W.F. McCoy preventive maintenance visit provides the care your equipment needs:
  • The boiler or furnace is thoroughly inspected, including the internal flue ways, the oil strainers and pump, the air intake and the flue pipe.
  • System components are adjusted for clean and efficient operation, including the burner motor, blower motor and fan bearings; circulator motor and bearings; the head assembly, burner fan and motor, ignition system and burner controls.
  • Parts are replaced as needed, including the nozzle, fuel oil filter and strainer.
  • A combustion efficiency test ensures the system is tuned for peak operating performance.
  • A safety inspection is performed.

Emergency Service

No homeowner should ever face a New York winter without arranging in advance for round-the-clock emergency coverage for the heating system. Heat outages are rare, but they can be very dangerous if the weather is cold and the heat is not restored promptly. Your family's health can be jeopardized, and your home can be exposed to serious risks such as pipe freezes.

W.F. McCoy protects customers' homes with 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year. We always have expert technicians on call, and we maintain an excellent parts inventory on our service trucks so that we can make any repair without delay.

Equipment Installations

The best way to insulate yourself against rising energy prices is to reduce your fuel consumption. The most direct route to energy conservation at home is to install advanced, high-efficiency equipment. Today's equipment is so efficient that it can provide the same level of heating or cooling that your current system provides - or better - while reducing energy usage by 30 percent or more. That means huge savings for customers who upgrade, especially if you have an old system or you are heating or cooling a large space.

At W.F. McCoy, we specialize in advanced, high-efficiency systems, and we'll be happy to put our expertise to work for you. One of our efficiency specialists can visit your home or business, evaluate the systems you have, and estimate the savings you could achieve with a system upgrade.

When it comes to the installation, we'll set the equipment up according to the manufacturer's specifications and optimize the system for peak performance for your house. We sell only the highest quality equipment, and you can expect many years of dependable service from your new system.

Service Contracts

A W.F. McCoy service contract provides the complete care that every home needs to keep the heating system running smoothly, efficiently and reliably. The contract includes regular preventive maintenance, the assurance of 24-hour emergency service, and coverage of key system components. In the event of a major repair, a service contract greatly reduces the customer's repair costs.
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